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Hexacube is known as a new freehold commercial development which will take the place of AIA building near the Changi Road. The project’s T.O.P or Temporary Occupation Period is actually expected June of the year 2017. It comprised of a total of thirty-six retail units as well as thirty-seven office units- that’s a total of seventy-three units all in all. The project is deemed as an extraordinary development for business owners and investors. Its first two floors and the basement will contain the house retail units; on the other hand, third to fifth floors will accommodate the office units.

Hexacube comes with a very eye-catching façade specifically rounded, platinum and shiny cube that rises from the flanks of the Changi Road. This will be the latest work of what is known as postmodern architecture which is guaranteed to be loved and complemented. In addition to this, Hexacube will also display a huge television that will serve as an advertising spot for residents/tenants. For sure, this new commercial development will enable its tenants to experience the hustle and bustle of city life.

Hexacube is purposely designed for the professionals of this modern world. Its offices are certainly impressive, luxurious and can get a lot of attention. With a minimum of five-meter height (floor-to-ceiling), the offices at Hexacube provide ample space for the workplace’s customization. Meanwhile, the offices located at the higher floors have seven-meter height (floor-to-ceiling) and are designed with attics; this offers tenants with more rooms to work their imagination.

Furthermore, Hexacube is designed with glass-paneled retail stores. This enables great exposure to the hustle-bustle of the people in the future. The floors corridors will display out of the ordinary architecture which will make shoppers prefer to stay and take a glance at the entire spot. Meanwhile, the retail stores that occupy the first two floors and the basement display glistening glass doors and glass panels which enable greater exposure of the tenant/business owner’s retail products to the consumers.

Over and above, the office units and the individual retail units at Hexacube are established initially without any divider between them. So, this allows business owners to purchase multiple units and then combine them into retail outlet or single office.

Hexacube’s Special Features:

  • Hexacube is well-connected to Major Spots

160 Changi Road is absolutely very close to East Coast Parkway (ECP) and the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE); both are regarded as well-connected roads in Singapore. Meanwhile, for professionals/business owners who drive, this will offer faster and more convenient travel from the workplace and your home or to any place in Singapore.

  • Hexacube is a Rare Investment Opportunity

While retail buildings and office aren’t very different around land-limited Singapore, Hexacube will definitely provide its purchasers great opportunities for investment with the help of government plans for Payar Lebar Central stated in the Draft Master Plan of 2008.

Since Payar Lebar Central is proposed to be a dynamic commercial hub in Singapore’s eastern part, its completion will absolutely augment its property costs and bring increased traffic to Hexacube.

  • Hexacube’s Proximity to Eunos MRT

Situated less than 400-meters away from the Eunos MRT Station, Hexacube at Changi Road will certainly be a well-known retail outlet for both professionals and students who are studying and working in the location. Meanwhile, for office professionals, Hexacube’s accessibility will offer a very convenient way of travelling (commuting) to and from the workplace.

  • Hexacube is located in a very large Residential Spot

Hexacube’s exact location is at 160 Changi Road, Singapore 419728.

The project is surrounded on all sides by residential estates that extend on for miles. Not to mention, there’s no other commercial mall within one kilometer around, professional, students as well as residents will assuredly gather to Hexacube to satisfy all their retail requirements.

Hexacube’s offices will also provide professionals the rare opportunity to have their workplaces located neighboring their home.

Without a doubt, Hexacube is a brilliant new landmark situated nearby a future commercial hub in Paya Lebar Central. Comprising of both office and retail spaces and outlets, it will be a spot of enthusiasm and vibrancy to professionals and shoppers alike. Everyone deserves to be a part of this very exciting and a whole new experience; so come and feel the latest buzz in town! 


Hexacube 1

LocationHexacube 2Hexacube 3

Hexacube 4Hexacube 5Hexacube 6Hexacube 7Hexacube 8Hexacube 9

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Office rents

Sizzling Rent

Retail Demand

Retail Capital Gains

High take up rates

Rent Increment

office Building Sale

Why buy Hexacube ?

  • Freehold
  • Long Term Coast savings
  • Near Eunos MRT and Paya Lebar Commercial Hub
  • Easy Accessible to AYE and PIE
  • Affordable Investment quantum
  • No Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) and Seller’s Stamp Duty (SSD) for commercial property
  • Scarcity of affordable commercial and office space
  • Low supply in future redevelopment plan in East region
  • Low interest rates with a higher yield for Commercial versus Expensive Residential property
  • Cooling measures not applicable to Commercial property
  • Commercial property is a haven for investors to park their money in as an alternative to hedge against inflations
  • Convenient & Best Central Location.
  • Located at highly visible along Changi Rd.
  • City Fringe – Near Orchard Rd, CBD, Marina Bay, Kallang Industrial Estate, upcoming Paya Lebar Commercial Hub. 
  • Prestigious & Iconic Building.
  • Landmark for the Vicinity. 
  • Modern Contemporary with sleek & clean look. 
  • Exterior office tower adopts curved form to maximise panoramic views of every unit. 
  • High performance, double glazed Low-E glass used to minimize solar heat gain & noise for optimal office environment.
  • Flexibile & versatile layout. 
  • Well-served by passenger & service lifts. 
  • Roof terrace with lap pool, function room & gym allows relaxation & revitalization after a long day’s work.
  • Communal courtyard for rest & relax on the the 3rd floor.
  • Limited supply of freehold strata office & retail units in central locations. 
  • LTV of up to 80% of purchase price. 
  • No restriction on foreign ownership. 
Project Name Hexacube
District 14
Developer Wealth Development Pte Ltd ( Lian Beng Group / KSH Holdings Limited / Tee Land Limited )
Address 160 Changi Road Singapore (419728)
Tenure Freehold
Site Area 1,669.8 sqm
Types of Development Mixed development of Shops / Restaurants / Offices
No. of Units 73
Car Park Lots 24 regular lots (include 10 Mechanical Car Park), 2 Loading Bays and 1 Handicapped Lot
Facilities Carpark at basement 2 / Loading and Unloading Bay / Lifts / Courtyard Garden at Level 3
Expected T.O.P. 30 June 2017
Unit Types Basement 1 : ShopsLevel 1 : Restaurants / ShopsLevel 2 : Shops

Level 3 : Offices

Level 4 : Offices

Level 5 : Offices

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Some time down the road, you could be passing by this project and wonder, “This is such a beautiful project, it’s a pity I missed it when the price was right…” otherwise you could be thinking, “What a beautiful project. I’m so glad that I exercise great foresight and own a unit here before the price runs.” Which one suits you better ?

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